URSYS is clever people designing unique and clever solutions for complex remote networks.

We take a holistic approach when designing communications and specifying software and hardware. Utilising our own extensive range of products and services, together with the most appropriate third party technology when needed, URSYS develops tailored systems that suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Whether for remote community voice and data networks, a national SCADA pipeline monitoring system or a fleet of exploratory drilling rigs… we have the expertise to make the most informed recommendations for your next remote communications project – small or large. And we have the capability and experience to put those recommendations to work.

The intelligent appliance that connects superb technology with the most demanding in-the-field applications.

In the past, Skywire and its predecessor, BusiBox, were essential as optimised gateways to high latency low bandwidth satellite links. These days VSAT systems are far more sophisticated with on-board acceleration and QoS.

However, Skywire still plays an important role in implementing secure tunnels and VPN end points for linkstate monitoring in dual redundant 3G/Satellite connections, as SCADA protocol data loggers and relays, and as hosts for application acceleration.

Skywire is a proven appliance to be used in unmanned remote installations and is still engineered for the most rugged environments with high temperature tolerance and low power consumption.

URSYS has been the acknowledge authority in satellite and LTE based networks for SCADA and Telemetry applications for 10 years.

We understand that Telemetry infrastructure, requires the right communications, delivered at very high levels of reliability and assurance, often projected into remote locations.

URSYS has designed, built and operated SCADA and Telemetry networks for gas, oil, power generation, hydrology and environmental application, though-out all parts of Australia and in maritime applications throughout the South Pacific and India Oceans.Our SCADA specific satellite architecture lets us deliver high quality telecommunications to any location, for comparable pricing to 3G and far less capital expenditure compared with long haul fibre or microwave.

URSYS is developing a new breed of managed private data communications network that will deliver a generational advance in network capacity, functionality and reliability.

For anyone working or living in remote locations, the reliance on telecommunications is increasing. Telecommunications infrastructure must have the capacity, functionality and reliability for an ever-growing scope of business and industrial applications.

LTE is the networking technology that will carry remote site and mobile communications applications into the future for mining, resources, energy, agriculture and environmental management applications such as:

•  M2M and SCADA

•  HD video for project management, surveillance and safety

•  Context aware applications

•  Autonomous vehicles and fleet management

•  Personal communications on the move.

URSYS is ready now to provide private LTE networks for remote site engineering projects, small communities and health clinics. These networks provide a generational step forward in terms of capacity, security, reliability and multi-stream data management compared with existing WiFi and WiMax systems. An important feature of private LTE is the ability to deliver both voice and data services to any smartphone or tablet under customer managed access and usage management.

URSYS can supply private LTE systems for up to 2,000 subscribers as a managed service, using satellite or terrestrial backhaul.

See our current focus page, on the latest LTE trial.

Tele-Health – Remote solutions for Tele Health

In many remote locations, healthcare delivery is not to the same standard as in cities or even most rural areas.

In these remote areas, the detection of many medical conditions like diabetes, mental health issues and heart disease require expensive site visits by specialist clinical teams. Tele-health will play a key role in improving the delivery of health services ensuring wellbeing of our remote population and communities.

Tele-health is all about technology and clinical professionals working together online, to project everyday health services into remote locations.

URSYS delivers bespoke engineered communications to be part of the solution for very remote Tele Health. URSYS provides the specialised satellite services and private LTE networks to carry Tele health to a higher standard using high definition video consultations, remote trauma management, delivery of technology based medical procedures and online medical records.