• Who enables emerging Tele-health applications for clinics in the most remote locations across outback Australia?

  • Who has teamed up with OPTUS Satellite to deliver Remote Area Telecommunications Solutions?

  • Who builds state of the art private satellite infrastructure delivering dedicated remote area networks?

  • Who enables gas, electricity and water monitoring and control, to be rapidly deployed across remote Australia?

  • Who provides commercial grade satellite communications to Tele-health clinics in the most remote locations across outback Australia?

  • Who is providing compact LTE solutions for localised “off the grid” 4G networks?

  • Who operates enterprise managed services to satisfy the needs of IT and corporate stakeholders

  • URSYS.... Brilliantly engineered bespoke communications.

We’re passionate designers, engineers and operators of private information networks delivering mission critical corporate applications and remote area solutions. 

No two remote communications projects are identical – that’s why we craft tailored systems and services that answer specific challenges.

Ours is a highly professional and very personal approach to solving communications problems. Our key point of difference is our capacity to engineer bespoke solutions that perfectly address individual needs. We work with you, as your trusted technology partner, to find a path to better remote communications.

Since 1994, we have combined industry leading innovation, technical skills and down to earth experience to deliver more than a thousand landmark communications projects for many of Australia’s leading corporations, government organisations and isolated communities.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

  • Oil and gas pipeline telemetry, control and surveillance.

  • Mining and resources communications and control.

  • Government remote communications projects, services and systems.

  • Emergency services communications and back-up systems.

  • Water and electricity infrastructure management.

  • LTE for Remote Agribusiness

  • Tele-health data and voice communications for remote area medical services.