In the resources, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries there is an emerging demand for end-to-end communications.

Our Current Focus: Private LTE


Several months ago we were asked to plan and design a private LTE trial for a mine camp, in a remote part of Australia. As with many mine camps in remote Australia they have utilised shipping containers as their site office and accommodation. These sites have their own pros and cons and with each providing its own challenges. In saying that, the trial is now live and operating successfully as we speak.


This biggest challenge – hands down – was the RF propagation because of two main obstacles. The first challenge was the outdoor/indoor isolation, these camps as mentioned above, are largely made up of shipping containers which are perfect for the harsh environment and consequently converted into Dongas for site offices and accommodation. However this made it almost impossible for the LTE signal to reach the equipment inside the buildings.

The second challenge was the hostile nature of the indoor environment from an electromagnetic point of view. Due to the partition materials, as well as their distribution, the indoor environment represents a highly reflective medium where multipath propagation made it difficult to predict the exact behaviour of the signal inside the camp.

What was the preparation and testing required?

In the view of these challenges, we decided to implement an active DAS (Distributed Antenna System) to get the LTE signal indoor. Multiple calculations and link budgets were carried out as well as several tests under controlled RF scenarios to corroborate the behaviour of the system.

Why did they want to go with Private LTE?

Granted that each site in the environment is unique, and has its own set of issues and challenges, whether it be from existing technology and infrastructure, physical infrastructure, topography, an increase in automated productivity or just cost effectiveness.

LTE technology can deliver improved quality of service, efficiencies on all levels and can be designed to work in the most difficult and remote environments, with reliable and faster services.

The Client for this trial is a well-known mining industry leader and we designed this LTE network specifically for them to supply both voice and data services with the benefits of mobility, security and most of all robustness, when it’s compared against traditional WLANs.

URSYS has the right team that can scope and engineer the most effective solution for Private LTE solution.