The Cygnus Story

About Cygnus

Cygnus Satellite was formed in 2010 as a joint venture between Hills Industries and URSYS to design, build and operate the commercial grade Iterra IP Satellite™ service under contract to Telstra™. URSYS provided the engineering expertise and experience gained from years of provision of managed services to the remote corners of Australia, while Hills provided the corporate strength.

Using the systems constructed and operated by URSYS, Cygnus Satellite supplied fully managed VSAT services, along with comprehensive maintenance and support, for Iterra IP Satellite™ customers and directly to CYGNUS users. The services included private VSAT networks and mobile remote communications infrastructure, including portable satellite trailers.

Cygnus together with URSYS, constructed and supported Private Compact LTE networks for clients working in remote areas of mainland Australia who require reliable and secure communications for voice and large data payloads and diverse applications.

Some Landmark projects for Cygnus Satellite:

  • Variety Club Bash 2014 Sydney to Darwin  – Supplying Remote communications to Bashers at each stop along the way
  • Ostwald Bros 2014   – The first or URSYS’ Private LTE systems
  • 2013 – 2015 Design, construct and manage 55 remote area telecommunications trailers providing portable data and voice networks to remote area exploratory crews and construction projects.
  • 2012 – 2015 commissioned and managed over 150 commercial broadband VSAT services carrying on average 5.7 TB of traffic per month all within contracted SLAs.
  • Mobile ATM Platform – Designed to be transportable from event to event in remote locations

The Good News:

Little has changed. The commercial relationship with Telstra has expired and Cygnus Satellite is now wholly-owned by URSYS. But the traditional CYGNUS skills and expertise continues to improve and regenerate under the URSYS name.  The product portfolio is diversifying to include Managed Network Services, Network Security Systems and Cloud based Big Data Mapping services. For more information please email or or alternatively call us direct on 02 8745 2800.