• Grahame Cover is one of the founders of URSYS. He values innovation and exploring new paths.

  • Listening to customers – Telling the URSYS story.

  • One of the original founders, watching engineering technology evolve.

  • Nothing happens at URSYS without Bart knowing about it.

  • Patrick works wonders with the Satellite platform and network.

  • Mike knows every detail on his Projects

URSYS is named after the URSA constellations located at the top of the heavens. The stars of Ursa, never set, they are always visible in the night sky, all night, every night, throughout the year. One of these stars, Polaris is the Pole Star which appears to stand still, making it a good reference point for navigating the unknown, while the other stars in URSA are circumpolar, revolving around the Pole.

Since 1994 URSYS has been designing and provisioning satellite based voice and data communications for enterprise applications.Right from the start, our mission has been to develop bespoke communications and monitoring and control systems for use in the most remote corners of Australia. Of necessity, these systems are robust, cost effective, easily deployable, secure and flexible.

Our Team at URSYS:

  • Grahame Cover


  • Bart Bunting

    Head of Support

  • Vince Turco


  • Shanti Dhanji

    Company Director

  • Jen

    Quality Assurance and Auditing

  • Patrick Duff

    Senior Engineer and COO

  • Karen Hull

    Marketing and Customer Relations

  • Jennifer Cover

    Financial Controller

  • Michael Grant

    Senior Engineer and Project Management

  • Yury Larin

    Network Engineer

Our mission continues as URSYS researches new ways to participate in Australia’s prosperity and future growth. We’re proud to have been able to maintain a tradition of innovation and technical excellence, balanced by a commitment to ongoing support for all the products, systems and services we provide our clients.

Whether it be wireless, satellite or our own compact LTE networks, URSYS engineers are able to offer customised, technically advanced and reliable solutions that perform specialised tasks in the most demanding situations.

We believe that location should not be a barrier to good communications. This is reflected in our leadership role as a provider of remote area Tele-health communications to communities in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

We are unfazed by distance, inspired by brilliant technology, empowered by talented industry specialists and driven to help our clients wherever they work or live.

URSYS. Brilliantly engineered bespoke communications.